Oct 26, 2012

Picture of Arfin Rumi's new wife | Arfin 2nd marrage

Anonna, Arfin Rumi, Kamrun-Nesa(new wife)

Singer Arfin Rumi got marriage with Kamrun-nesa it's his second marriage permitted by his first wife Anonna. Last Wednesday 24th October,2012, Arfin marry to Kamrun-nesa at Gulshan, Dhaka.
 It's 2nd marriage of Kamrun-nesa too. Arfin rumi's first wife Anonna, Mother, brother, some person of family attented this ceremony.

 Kamrun-nesa came from USA at this Wednesday morning, after marriage party Arfin leave Dhaka at 25th October for concert of Bahrain and Qatar. Both wife said him good bye at airport.

Rumi will back in 29th October. Rumi said someday ago “I love Kamrun-nesa and I want to marry her. And my family is supporting our relation.”

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Oct 27.2012-- Wasiul

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