Oct 19, 2012

Is it possible in islam that a Muslim Haji will act in Film?

Indian film Actor Aamir Khan was in Chicago shooting for his movie Dhoom 3 and returned to India on Thursday morning.

While addressing the press during the music launch of his upcoming film Talaash, the actor said: “I am leaving for Hajj and will be returning in the first week of November.”
According to the newspaper, Aamir had recently asked his mother if he could get her a gift and she expressed her desire to perform Hajj.
Aamir Khan then promised his mother that he will make the trip to Mecca with her, the report stated.

So Bollywood actor Aamir Khan will be leaving for Saudi Arabia on Friday to perform Hajj along with his mother Zeenat Husain, The Times of India reported.  

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Aamir Khan hajj photo

news times of india                    19.Oct.2012

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